What sort of Massage should I choose?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

There are so many different kinds of massage therapies out there and it can be a bit tricky choosing the right one for you. The first step is to really know what it is you are trying to achieve. Are you seeking to relax and pamper yourself, or is there an injury or nagging pain that is disturbing your ability to function properly. Whatever the case, with a goal in mind the task of choosing the right massage for your needs is much easier and more rewarding.

The different types of massage you may find include; for relaxation try Swedish massage, connective tissue, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy massage or forms of Hawaiian and Thai massage. All of these styles can help to relax those muscles. For emotional healing and release try Hawaiian or Cahuna massage. Deep tissue massage can also help to access deeply held tensions and emotional issues. For injuries try remedial, sports massage, deep tissue, connective tissue massage and trigger point therapy. All of these can assist with the rehabilitation and recovery of injuries and body in-balances (Newton, 2011). 

At ‘Back on Track Massage & Chiropractic’ we offer remedial or deep tissue style of massage therapy with the purpose of treating injuries, pain and restoring or optimising body function. Massage is a fantastic method to prevent injury if you are a recreational sportsperson, gym fanatic or an aspiring athlete. After training or activity your body accumulates waste material, suffers micro traumas and results in inflammation in the muscles and connective tissues. Massage is ideal to assist in removing this waste and supplying new nutrients to the muscles, enabling the body’s natural repairing properties to take affect. Furthermore, massage will assist the resting process, speeding up the recovery time for any such injury or issue.

We have a unique approach at Back On Track, in that most people will get a massage prior to getting an adjustment by their Chiropractor.  Our deep tissue massage also makes a great treatment on its own.

Lastly, here at ‘Back on Track’ our massage therapist , Ben, is a qualified counsellor, which is quite unique. Massage is a great way to alleviate deep seated stresses and anxieties held in the body. Locating and releasing these deep tissues can help remove built up emotions and recharge the body’s coping mechanisms.

All of these modes and styles do have many crossover benefits and will promote circulation and blood flow through the body and bring about physical and psychological healing by manipulating the body’s connective and soft tissues. A therapist may use varied techniques and pressure levels to achieve the goal in mind.

So, with a goal in mind speak to your massage therapist and determine if the mode or therapy is the one that you need and truly get the benefits you desire.

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