Top 3 Ways to Save you Child from Text Neck

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

You love your kids to the end of the earth, and would do anything to protect them.  But lets face it…

…you are busy and children are hard work.  The silence of the them sitting on the couch quiet and entertained and quiet…Ahhhh pure bliss.

BUT, as a Chiropractor, I’m screaming inside.  (Que the circus of contorting, cramping, twisting and neck caving postures seen by kids as they are on their tablets).  YIKES!

I feel an obligation to you and your kids to do something about it!  Here are my top 3 ways to save you child from “text neck”.

  1. Look up!  Lift the tablet up to see it, don’t look down at it.
  2. Limit the time!  Be the parent and limit unhealthy behaviours, as unpopular as it may be.  Explain to them why you are making this decision.  Get them outside.
  3. Get your child checked by a Chiropractor.  Give your little one the best chance at developing properly by making sure there are no minor problems that could turn into major ones down the track.  Its easy and effective.
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