The Straw that broke the Camels Back

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The camel herder piles on as many bales of straw as he thinks his camel can carry and sets out on his way.  Before he can leave, his boss points to a pile of bales and says “These as well please”.  He piles them on and the Camel grunts in disapproval.  They again set out on their way.  

Around the corner, the camel herder’s wife is there .  Beautiful though she is, she wants him to take a few more bales because they will fetch a bit more silver at the market.  He piles them on and the camel groans under the weight but remains upright.

Off the pair go toward the market.  Down the road, the camel herder comes across a friend.  The friend has a small bit of straw which he wants to get to the market.  Against his better judgement, the camel herder agrees to puts the straw onto the camel.  The last straw goes onto the camel. It is too much and the camel falls.

The moral of the story.  

Small injuries or stressors add up.  Get your spine tuned up by a Chiropractor as one component of your approach to better health.

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