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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our top 3 benefits of Massage & Body Work

For a long time now massage has been known to offer therapeutic benefits such as relaxation and better sleep. Recently research has linked the power of massage to assist in the treatment of a wide range of health conditions.


Here is our top 3 reason to put massage in your treatment plan.

1. Massage is non-invasive - in today's hustle and bustle of a world and corporations try to shed costs, the impact of has left us wondering what is in our foods, medicines and supplements. Sometimes it feels that we are one big mixing bowl or a chemistry set with all sorts of toxic chemicals, plastics and foreign agents entering our system. Having a treatment that is natural and allows the body's own self regulating and rejuvenating properties to take over is a great start to your treatment plan.

2. Treat your largest organ, the skin! Did you know our largest body organ is our skin, we absorb and excrete toxins through our skin and it is a great communicator to us that something is wrong, by colour, rashes, dryness and much more. Massage helps move these toxins out and allows new nutrients to enter the body. Massage will help get that glow back and leave others wondering what you did to gain that shine.

3. Relieve that stress! Everyone deals with stress differently and more often than not these emotions store in areas in the body. The most noticeable are the neck and shoulders. Another form of stress is in the form of muscle overload. Sports, physical labour and being stuck in one constant position all day, cause stress on the muscles and joints and massage is a great treatment to assist in restoring muscle function, pain & discomfort and range of movement.

If these are the benefits you are looking for, book in for your own benefit!

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